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How to make cases

 The path from an idea to a hard cover

  1. Design the cover tacking sheet
  2. Print, laminate and trim the tacking sheet
  3. Switch on Casematic
  4. Adjust the guides
  5. Remove the silicon paper from the tacking sheet and registrate it to the light table
  6. Lower the spine guides
  7. Place the cover boards and spine stick on the support rail and press them against the tacking sheet
  8. Slide the tacking sheet away from the support rail to let the boards and stick fall off the rail
  9. Cut the corners
  10. Fold the sheet edges (pinch the corners before folding short edges)
  11. Mount the cover case
  12. Press along the spine with your forefinger and thumb to make a neat fold

Positioning the cover boards

Adjustable spine guides 

For precise positioning Casematic has two spine guides and a rear guide, which are adjustable. An optional a side guide is also available. Spine guides are lowered and lifted by turning the hand wheel.

Before making a cover, the spine guides are adjusted according to book size and placement of the registration marks. The side and rear guide are applicable in serial production and whenusing opaque materials.

Light table helps with adjusting

Light table has a scale which helps with the adjusting. It also has a positioning line to which the tacking sheet is registred. There is a suction area on the positioning table to hold the tacking sheet

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