Choosing the paper

Pay attention to post-printing processes

  • Heavy coating means difficulties for collating and binding
  • For the book to be readable the paper shouldn't be too bright white (eyes get tired),
    but it should still reproduce the colors as well as possible.
  • Optimize the grammage and opacity (the text shouldn't show through)
  • Offset, laser and inkjet printing all set their specific demands to the paper.
  • Avoid too thin material as well as too thick for the cover

Pay attention to grain direction 

Always, when it is possible, plan your print work so that the inner pages have long grain. This eases opening of the book.

The grain direction in the cover should be in the direction of the spine. This means choosing short grain card for the cover.

The grain direction comes originally from the paper mills process. Long grain inner sheets are easy to open as a book while short grain innersheets are not so easy.





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