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Maping Co is organized around a small nuclear team, working together with a committed and successful partner network around the world. The core of our values is building long-term profitable relationships, based on the win-win principle.

As the inventors and designers of revolutionary Fastbind finishing equipment, Maping dedicates their resources on product development, machine composition and marketing. Local sales, service and distribution is taken care of by their partners.


Maping relies on their long term specialized suppliers to manufacture the extremely precise parts needed in Fastbind equipments and supplies. Some of Maping suppliers have followed their journey to success since the very beginning of the company. Many years of close team work have allowed us to know each other very well, making communication easier and problem solving faster.

Dealers and distributors

Maping has a strong network of dealers and distributors, spread in nearly one hundred countries, over the five continents. Maping offer them binding and finishing expertise as well as a very strong selling and marketing support, including personalized brochures, mailing tips, web site assistance, Dealer Extranet, and many opportunities for commercial and technical training either in Finland or during exhibitions abroad.

Most of Maping dealers are small independent companies, strongly committed to the success of both Fastbind and their customers. Traditionally, most of Maping dealers are working in the field of print finishing, but, since the introduction of the FotoMount series, companies specializing in the photographic sector are also approaching Maping.

Global cooperation agreements

Maping collaborates with digital printer manufacturers. Maping have been partners with Xerox for over 10 years now. As a recommended finishing solution provider, Maping assists them in exhibitions and open houses or road–shows with machines and skilled personnel. Fastbind perfectly meet their customers’ need for comprehensive printing and finishing solutions.

Maping also have partnership agreements with other large corporations such as Océ and Fuji.

After the introduction of Fastbind FotoMount photobook solutions, Maping gained the interest of photographic corporations as well. The Kodak Company was long known for its wide range of photographic film products, but is now re-focusing on two major markets: digital photography and digital printing. Fastbind ideally complements their new printing solutions to photographers and matches their criteria of quality, speed and ease of use. For the same reasons, other experts such as Rauch, OKI or Noritsu have approached Maping.


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