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The first Fastbind binders

Originally Maping Co, manufacturer of the Fastbind brand, was producing table-top binding machines for offices and accountants.

The first binders were designed to bind continuous listings. This experience with small machines binding loose sheets of unique documents gave Maping a natural push to embrace the new trends of the industry. The 30-year-old company managed the shift towards digital and introduced several groundbreaking innovations in the last few years.

Fastbind history

Fastbind Handy™ and Micron™

In the 1990’s Maping introduced new compact machines for the needs of increasing laser printing in offices and copyshops. Most of the now discontinued 90’s Handy™ and Micron™ models are still in use throughout Europe.

Fastbind history

The development of the new generation binders

Launched in Ipex 2002, and already labelled for the “on-demand” market, Fastbind Secura™ was the very first model of Fastbind new generation. It was compact, table-top, easy to use and to fit in any setting, from an industrial workshop to an accounting office, from a printing house to a copy shop counter. Secura positioned the brand for the upcoming models.

After Secura, the Fastbind binding family grew with more and more sophisticated models: Fastbind Elite™ (now our top-seller) with the innovative twin roughener, Optima™, Ultra™ and the latest Elite XT™ for larger formats, up to A3+.

The introduction of Fastbind case makers

Maping development team was too ambitious to comfortably just keep upgrading existing products. They continued on the innovation path. In Drupa 2004, Maping proudly introduced their first case maker, the H530™. It was improved over time and converted to the current, very successful Casematic™ product line. Casematic machines allow anybody to produce a customized fully printed hard cover in minutes: any design, almost any size and any format. The only limit is your imagination!

The latest innovation – PhotoBook makers

What about photo books? That’s the latest innovation of the firm: the Fastbind FotoMount™ product line. The first prototypes of the product line were displayed in 2007 at Graph Expo in Chicago, met with a wide and amazed audience. The complete line allows photographers as well as printers to create premium photobooks using almost any kind of prints – including real photographic paper. They can choose among a variety of equipment to create a package that best fits their need. The latest solution is the FotoMount™ F32w workstation: an all-in-one solution. It consists of the Fastbind FotoMount F32 PhotoBook maker, Ideal 4205 guillotine, Fastbind C33 Creaser and an ergonomic rack.

Industry feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Once again, Fastbind development team has sensed the market and anticipated its needs. Propelled by booming demand for photobooks, the FotoMount machines are marching forth to photo labs and retailers about as fast as the Helsinki-based manufacturer can produce them. Fastbind offers currently an affordable and profitable solution regardless of the type of book or photobook you need.

At DRUPA 2008, Fastbind machines were featured in the booths of Xerox, Fuji and Kodak among others – eloquent testimony to their industry-wide compatibility and appeal. 

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